What We Do

We help CEO's and leaders strengthen their organizations by:

  • Conducting education/training programs and workshops for Boards and leaders
  • Organizing and facilitating strategic planning processes and discussions
  • Coaching individuals 1:1 and teams for improved performance
  • Providing expert advice, perspective, and consultation

How We Do It

We use a three-step process:

  1. Baseline Assessment ...through a straightforward survey, data review, and strength/weakness/threats/opportunities evaluation
  2. Help and Assistance
    • Education/training on roles, expectations, environmental challenges/opportunities, etc.
    • Group facilitation for improved processes, strengthened clarity, key agreements, and accountabilities
    • Coaching/counseling 1:1, small groups, and teams
  3. Measures and Targets...defined in a concrete action plan, including deliverables, tactics, and mile-markers